Monday, October 1, 2012

San Diego Short Sale Process if you are behind in your mortgage payments

San Diego Short Sale Process

What to do if you are behind on your mortgage on your San Diego Home

If you are behind in your payments on you San Diego home, there are some good and bad ideas on how to fix the problem. Here are some thoughts on both.


-Borrow from mom and dad

-Rent out rooms

-Talk to San Diego Short Sale Specialist Gary Kent at 858-457-5368


-Borrow from mom and dad! (family dynamics can be "complicated")

-Borrow from your 401K – This is bad on several levels. If you end up losing your home, you will still owe the money to your 401K and while you won't send someone out to break your own legs, the IRS may penalize you for not paying it back.

-Just move out and mail the bank your keys. This is also bad on several levels. The " Jingle Mail" concept sounds good in Country Songs but in practice, the bank is not responsible for taking over your property until they complete the foreclosure process. In the meantime, if the property gets run down the city may go after you. Also, if there is an injury on the property, you may still be liable. And the list goes on.

We get it: this is a tough time and a tough decision. So you need help from someone who has helped over 200 San Diego home owners short sell their San Diego homes-someone like Gary Kent. Check out our website

Or, call San Diego short sale specialist Gary Kent at 858-457-5368 for a quick confidential analysis of your situation. San Diego short sale expert Gary Kent has written the book on short sales.

Gary would like to offer the San Diego Short Sale Guide to you for free – Click Here.

The Gary Kent Team of Keller Williams is a California Real Estate Broker, License 00862878. We are not licensed to provide legal or tax advice and we encourage our clients to seek legal and/or tax advice early in the short sale process.

Click here for more information on San Diego short sales Gary Kent Picture

by Gary Kent. Gary has successfully helped well over 200 clients and their families sell their homes or other real estate via a short sale. In 1991, he closed his first short sale for a young family, and since has been helping clients get out of stressful financial situations, escape from “under water” mortgages, avoid foreclosure (and the accompanying stigma), save their credit, and maintain their pride through a short sale. You can find Gary on Facebook, Twitter and .


Attend a free seminar on October 22, 2012 " SHORT SALE: How To Avoid Foreclosure, Save Your Credit, & Protect Your Savings!"

Come & Learn:

- How soon can you buy after your short sale?

- Do YOU qualify for a short sale? Come & find out!

- Protect your savings & assets from bank lawyers!

- Do you have to pay anything to do your short sale?

- How to get thousands in cash “relocation allowance”

- Avoid the stigma & lingering problems of foreclosure

- Can your lender sue you for the loss on your short sale?

- What REALLY hurts your credit? ...It’s not what you think!

- Why a short sale is so much better for you than foreclosure

- Which “hardships” qualify you for a short sale? Which don’t? -

How we surprised one client with $14K cash at closing...legally

- If an agent does THIS, do NOT let them touch your short sale!

- What HAFA is & how it can make your short sale faster & easier

- 7 options if you owe too much. Most agents only tell you 2-3

- You’ve heard of property flipping. How about “flopping”?!

- Should you be current on HOA dues? Property taxes?

- Avoid dangerous scams, including the latest one

- When it’s illegal for banks to ask you for $$$

- Will a short sale delay/prevent foreclosure?

- Should you spend $$ to fix up your home?

- Must you be behind on your mortgage?

- Can you sell to family or friends?

- Can you buy your home back?        

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