Monday, October 29, 2012

Don't Mail Your Keys To The Bank! San Diego short sale process

Are you ready to mail your house keys to the bank and walk away from your San Diego Home?  DON'T DO IT!!!

STOP, get away from the edge!  Before you do, read a little more about the Short Sale Process in San Diego. Even if you are ready to mail your house keys to the bank and walk away from your San Diego Home? That is a BAD idea. There have been several instances where the bank hasn’t foreclosed and the owner (yes, you still own it) is held liable for repairs, upkeep and city fines (especially in the City of Chula Vista).

There are also several other HUGE mistakes that San Diego home owners make when faced with foreclosure, big mistakes that can haunt them for years to come (Don't let your house become a Zombie that never dies!). In San Diego, the short sale process has changed. San Diego home owners are having more success with working with the bank to avoid foreclosure. Through programs such as HAFA and other efforts, there is a greater chance of having the bank take less than they are owed to help you sell your home.

So even if your San Diego home is worth less than you owe, Gary Kent and his team can help you sell it and avoid mistakes like "jingle mail." To learn how to avoid these mistakes, the first thing to do is to call San Diego short sale specialist Gary Kent at 858-457-5368 for a quick confidential analysis of your situation.

We have an extensive marketing program to attract home buyers and we may have someone right now who can buy your home. Plus, we have helped over 225 San Diego home owners short sell their home.

If you are not sure how “underwater” your home is, go to our website San Diego short sale expert Gary Kent has written the book on short sales. Gary would like to offer the San Diego Short Sale Guide to you for free – Click Here.

To find out how much your San Diego home is worth compared to owe much you owe, go to The Gary Kent Team858-457-5368 of Keller Williams is a California Real Estate Broker, License 00862878. We are not licensed to provide legal or tax advice and we encourage our clients to seek legal and/or tax advice early in the short sale process.

San Diego Short Sale Process

Gary Kent Pictureby Gary Kent. Gary has successfully helped well over 200 clients and their families sell their homes or other real estate via a short sale. In 1991, he closed his first short sale for a young family, and since has been helping clients get out of stressful financial situations, escape from “under water” mortgages, avoid foreclosure (and the accompanying stigma), save their credit, and maintain their pride through a short sale. You can find Gary on Facebook, Twitter and .

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