Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Real Estate Tips - Who pays the agent and costs when short selling your san diego home?

If you own San Diego real estate that is underwater (you owe more than it is worth), then the question comes up; who pays the broker along with all other expenses when short selling your San Diego home?  The short answer is that the bank(s) will pay for the brokerage fees along with the escrow, title and other associated costs.  In most San Diego Short Sales that Gary Kent sells, we negotiate with the lender to not only take less than they are owe, but to effectively pay for those costs.

It sounds obvious, but banks are not in business to lose money.  But the current state of the San Diego Real Estate market (and across the nation) means that they will lose less money if they cooperate with a us on short sale, even if it costs them some money.  In the end, they know that it would cost them more to do a have a San Diego foreclosure on their books.

Sometimes there are some costs that they will not pay, such HOA fees.  .  To find out about your situation, contact San Diego Short Sale Agent Gary Kent at 858-457-5368.

Or, to find out more about how far your San Diego Home is underwater, go to

Here is a short video by Gary Kent on the topic of: "Who pays the agent -expenses when short selling your San Diego home?" 


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